• Samden Kuendup Education Consultancy & Placement Firm
  • NPPF (Pension) Office Buliding,1st Floor, Chang Lam 3, 11001 Thimphu, Bhutan
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Who are we?


SK education consultancy was established in 2014 by a young Bhutanese couple. The idea of the consultancy service stroked the couple when they were undergoing their master’s program in ACT, Australia in the years 2011-2013. Today, both of them have successfully completed their masters in Business administration (MBA) from University of Canberra in Australia.


At SK education consultancy, we are a strong team comprising of highly qualified and experienced staffs offering professional services. SK education consultancy thus, not only aims at guiding and assisting students to pursue their desired course of study, but also helps in preparing and assisting students in their overseas stay. https://www.rolexstyle.co.uk/


SK education consultancy is one of the top pioneers in education consultancy services offered in Bhutan. As of date, more than eighty precent of the applications processed and applied through SK education consultancy has been successfully acknowledged. In the last four years of service, more than 1200 students have availed our one to one free counseling from expert education counselors at SK. Our consultancy has successfully enrolled and assisted more than 800 people to travel and study overseas.